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Welcome to Central Kentucky Outdoors – About Us

Central Kentucky Outdoors “CKO” is a personalized “White Tail Deer and Turkey Guide Service” with a passion for guiding both seasoned veterans and first time trophy hunters.  Our vision is to guide you to a great Central Kentucky Trophy.  CKO has been buying, leasing, and developing farm land and acreage for the past three years to provide each of you with the optimal place to take the trophy of your dreams.

At CKO, we strive to bring to each hunt a professional service and top class trophies, whether hunting Trophy Bucks or Long Beards. We want our clients to leave as friends rather than just clients and are richer from the experience. We look forward to having you as a new friend.

John Braasch along with partner John Barrows, the owners/guides of CKO, are passionate about providing an ultimate experience to their customers.  Over the decades both John’s have built a wealth of knowledge of the habitat that the game resides in and study data for the animals they both hunt and guide.

Here at CKO, we want to give you not only the hunt of a lifetime, but a total experience that you will talk about for years.

Thanks for looking!  We hope to hunt with you soon!

John & John


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